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Window Pressure Washing

Do you spend your days inside an office building? At home with little ones? In a business location surrounded by walls and cubicles? You know how important windows are, regardless of your location. They are your view of the rest of the world. You gauge time of day . . . you prepare for changing weather conditions . . . you look out just for a break from the task at hand. Clean windows are important whatever your location, wherever you are. Billy’s Pressure Washing offers window cleaning services to maintain crystal clear views that you can enjoy all day long.

When it comes to pressure washing windows, we come in between a “high-rise window cleaning company” and your standard “window cleaning operation.” The reason is that we can reach higher windows than most, but do not service high-rise buildings. If you have a building less than three stories high it may not make sense to use platforms and pulley systems that can be adjusted for height to clean your windows. It is simply too much work and would drive the cost up for your standard window cleaning. If you're home or Business falls in this category, Billy's pressure washing Company can help. We can focus on these high-level windows without any problem and will enable you to keep your costs low by using a pressure washing company instead of a professional window company.

Experienced Touch

You may know that using a straight edge hose to spray water directly on a window at full pressure can damage or even shatter your window. We only use professional pressure washing equipment. It's powerful but our pressure washing technicians know how to use our equipment safely. They will get the best results using our equipment on your windows whether you are in St. Cloud, Harmony, or Lake Nona. We will come out and take care of your windows in your home or your business We will treat them carefully and professionally and you will be delighted with the results.

Start saving time:

At Billy's Pressure Washing, we can cover quite a bit of space in short order. We have many custom sized spray heads (depending on the job) that can effectively treat any area quickly and efficiently. The opportunity cost of sending out a crew of individuals to clean windows can eat into your time and money. What it might take a crew hours to do we can accomplish in minutes. For example in one afternoon we may be able to give your building a facelift. It will appear brighter and shinier than it has in a long time. All of your windows will be washed at the same time. In the time that it takes to wash one or two manually, we can clean all of the windows for your home or building. This is especially great for businesses that need a quick turnaround.

You know that cleaning windows isn’t just a matter of spraying water on the glass, letting it run off, and dry by itself. That just leaves streaks and does nothing to actually clean the surface. We use products and equipment and experienced attention to get your windows clean, whether they are on the ground level or several stories up. Ground floor windows will be cleaned as if they were hand washed. Windows that are higher up will have applications of quality solutions to achieve the same level of cleaning as your ground-level windows. We work quickly because we know what we’re doing, we do this as our business, and we have the correct solutions and equipment. Our standards are high. We bring quick, efficient, thorough service to your home and business.