What You Should Know About Pressure Washing Concrete & Pavers

When it comes to cleaning a home or a commercial property or an industrial facility, there are some things that get cleaned daily and other things that only get cleaned sporadically.

Probably you clean your countertop in your kitchen or around your bathroom sink every single day. You probably wipe off the break table or sweep the entryway in an industrial space daily. Things that are cleaned on a regular basis but not daily would be include carpets, upholstery, fixtures, or windows.

Then there are some spaces that rarely get cleaned at all. These would include concrete and pavers outside. Very few property owners tend to their concrete and pavers on a regular basis. Typically they are left to accumulate dirt and mold and grime over the months and nothing is done about them until they are almost black.

Concrete and pavers can really enhance the look of homes, offices and other outdoor areas. The best way to get these areas cleaned is to use pressure washing technology. It has proven to be the best way to get rid of stains, dirt and debris and other unsightly areas. It is also thought to increase the durability of the surface by maintaining it free from corrosive materials.

Pavers and concrete look like they’ll last a thousand years without a speck of care, but this isn’t true. They do need attention. They are exposed to fluctuating and extreme weather conditions  (i.e. cold and heat) and the pressure and weight of relentless vehicle traffic. They also are exposed to fumes and exhaust that blacken their surfaces over time. To maintain their health and sturdiness, pavers and concrete should be cleaned on a regular basis. Pressure-washing will clean thoroughly and restore the surfaces.

The average person can certainly pressure wash pavers and concrete themselves. If you have the right equipment and have plenty of time, you can do it. The alternative is to hire a professional. You may find that in the long run this is the best idea since professionals have industrial-grade equipment that can do the job very quickly and efficiently.

Cleaning pavers and concrete with too much pressure can actually chip and gouge surfaces. They look impervious to pressure, but they aren’t. You can damage them if you don’t know what you’re doing. Conversely, if you don’t use enough pressure, the surfaces will not be thoroughly cleaned. Pressure washing done right requires proper equipment and technicians who know how to use it correctly.

For your surface cleaning of pavers and concrete, be sure to hire an experienced and responsible company like Billy’s Pressure Washing. Whatever your location, whether it be a personal home, commercial building or industrial facility, you can be confident that our company will get your pavers and concrete cleaned properly without damage.

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